Cell TypePGD-Alpha1PGD-Alpha2PGD-AlphaProAPGD-AlphaProBPGD-AlphaProCExperiment
FibroblastsxxxxxProliferation, Migration
human Embryonic Stem CellsxxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsxxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
human Mesenchemical Stem CellsxxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchemial Stem CellsxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchemical Stem CellsxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
human Haemopoetic Stem CellsxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
human Neuronal Stem CellsxxxProliferation, Differentiation
Cardiac Progenitor CellsxxxxxProliferation, Differentiation
human Endothelial CellsxxxxxProliferation, Migration
Primary NeuronsxxxProliferation, Migration
CardiomyocytesxxxProliferation, Migration
Nucleus Pulposus CellsxxxProliferation, Migration
HepatocytesxxxxProliferation, Migration
ChrondrocytesxxxProliferation, Migration
MyocytesxxxProliferation, Migration

Selected Publications:

  • 3D cell bioprinting of self-assembling peptide-based hydrogels
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  • Peptide hydrogel in-vitro non-inflammatory potential
    A. Markey, V.L. Workman, I.A. Bruce, T.J. Woolford, B. Derby, A.F. Miller, S. Cartmell, A. Saiani; Journal of Peptide Science, in press,  (2016)
  • Self-assembling peptide hydrogel for intervertebral disc tissue engineering
    S. Wan, S. Borland, S.M. Richardson, C.L.R. Merry, A. Saiani and J.E. Gough; Acta Biomaterialia, in press,  (2016)
  • Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells promotes mineralization within a biodegradable peptide-hydrogel
    L.A. Castillo Diaz, M. Elsawy, A. Saiani, J.E. Gough and A.F. Miller; Journal of Tissue Engineering, 7, 2041731416649789 (2016)
  • Osteoblasts within soft peptide hydrogels promote mineralisation in-vitro
    L.A. Castillo, A. Saiani, J.E. Gough, A.F. Miller; Journal of Tissue Engineering, 5, 2041731414539344 (2014)
  • Nanofibrillar peptide hydrogels for the immobilization of biocatalysts for chemical transformations
    C. Hickling, H.S. Toogood, A. Saiani, N.S. Scrutton, A.F.Miller; Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 35, 868-874 (2014)
  • Peptide hydrogels as mucoadhesives for local drug delivery
    C. Tang, A.F. Miller, A. Saiani; International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 465, 427-435 (2014)

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