PeptiGelDesign Technologies Ltd, in collaboration with regenHU Ltd, is happy to announce the launch of ECM-Bioink™, a series of single component ready to print synthetic extra cellular matrices for 3D cell biology and tissue engineering.

Bio-inks are biocompatible matrices that allow for the encapsulation of bio-actives (living cells, proteins) that can be 3D printed into bio-architectures. This translates into the production of personalized implant or human relevant tissue constructs for precision medicine. While numerous load-bearing bio-inks are currently available in the market place, there is still a need for human relevant off-the-shelf synthetic extra cellular matrices.

regenHU and PeptiGelDesign Technologies are very proud to announce the commercialisation of a series of ready-to-print synthetic extra cellular matrices. Based on the fundamental understanding of the self-assembling behaviour of small peptides in water, the ECM-Bioink™ hydrogels are non-Newtonian materials that display shear thinning properties and provide a peptide nanofiber 3-dimensional scaffold that promotes cell expansion, cell migration and directed behaviour.

Customizable, the ECM-Bioink™ family offers the 3D printer end-user the benefits of a technological platform that provides a high control over cell-scaffold interaction and scaffold mechanical strength. Engineered and animal free, the ECM-Bioink™ enables researchers to manufacture complex biological structures that more closely mimic the human biological tissues and their function. For example, multi-layer printing provides a solution for multicellular architectures of varying macro- and micro-environments. Used as a standalone matrix or embedded in a component system, these synthetic extracellular matrices provide a reproducible and translational tool that benefits all healthcare stake holders; from the fundamental biology understanding, to the production of human relevant alternative models to animal testing. Bio-ECM™’s technology platform is ideally suited for today’s precision medicine, from drug discovery to patient stratification, from toxicity studies to the manufacturing of regenerative implants.

The exciting and cutting edge ECM-Bioink™ family consists of five products that suit both primary and stem cells. If you would like learn more and implement the advantages of these unique bio-inks, they can easily be ordered via:

A word about regenHU:

regenHU is an innovative biomedical company based in Fribourg, Switzerland. regenHU acts as a bio-systems architect, developing new bio-manufacturing solutions in response to the emerging challenges facing the biomedical industry and regenHU’s confirmed cutting-edge solutions are currently being implemented globally. regenHU benefits from exclusive patented technologies resulting from many years of research and development in collaboration with international universities and industrial partners.

A reproducible ready-to-use self assembled peptide technology platform for bio-printing