PeptiGelDesign “The happy cell company”

Our aim is to deliver life changing solutions for all healthcare stake holders and we’re in the process of developing biocompatible and biodegradable grafts that can be implanted to treat people who have suffered from a heart attack.

Providing a structural reinforcement to the infarcted myocardium to prevent organ remodelling, our cardiac graft can be further functionalised to promote heart regeneration.

We’re currently looking for partners to help us be the first to begin human studies, and we’re working towards CE approval by 2021.  Click here to find out more about our Cardiac products.

We have also developed a range of reproducible, synthetic extra cellular matrices.  Non-immunogenic, they are ideal products for in vitro testing.  Our family of self-assembling peptide-based hydrogels allow the creation of defined 3D microenvironments for cell culture applications. You can find out more about the technology behind our Hydrogel products here.