PeptiGelDesign “The happy cell company”

Being at the very heart of regenerative medicine, PeptiGelDesign ambitions to deliver life changing solutions for the all the healthcare stake holders.

PeptiGelDesign Ltd is developing implantable biocompatible and biodegradable grafts to treat people suffering from heart attack. Providing a structural reinforcement to the infarcted myocardium to prevent organ remodelling, the medical device can be further functionalised to promote heart regeneration. Looking for partners in order to enter first in human studies, PeptiGelDesign Ltd works towards CE approval by 2021.

PeptiGelDesign Technologies commercialises a family of translational biomaterials that have been developed along with the company Cardiac products. In particular, PeptiGelDesign Technologies offer a range of reproducible synthetic extra cellular matrices. Non-immunogenic, they are ideal products for in vitro testing.

Because all cells are different,  PeptiGelDesign Technologies makes available a family of self-assembling peptide based hydrogels that allow the creation of defined three-dimensional (3D) microenvironments for cell culture applications.

PeptiGelDesign Technologies’ synthetic extra cellular matrices

Our synthetic extra cellular matrices offer the end user a unique control over the hydrogel mechanical strength and cell-scaffold interactions. The unique shear thinning properties of our products allows for simple cell seeding and easy functionalization. This makes them also suitable carrier for liquid dispensing technologies.

PedgiGelDesign Technologies products are provided as formulated ready-to-use and easy-to-handle hydrogels for culture dishes, multi-well plates, or cell culture inserts. They can be used as substrates for 2D cell culture, as well as the encapsulation of cells for 3D culture.

PeptiGelDesign hydrogels key features:


  • 100 % animal free
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Tunable mechanical properties and reproducible
  • No pre-treatment required
  • Compatible with most immunochemistry staining sets
  • Can accommodate the addition of bioactive molecules (ECM components)
  • Injectable and sprayable

Examples of PeptiGelDesign products uses